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Stonesoft solution





Stonesoft´s core solution is the Stone Gate Platform for secure and resilient connectivity. The Stone Gate Platform includes the following solutions:


  • Stone Gate High Availability Firewall.
  • Stone Gate Multi-Link VPN.
  • Stone Gate IPS.
  • Stone Gate Management Center.
  • Stone Gate SSL VPN

StoneGate Firewall/VPN offers a rich functionality that enables secure and resilient connectivity for:


  • Site-to-Site VPN.
  • ISP Multi-homing with Multi-Link VPN Technology.
  • Firewall/VPN and IPS Sensor Clustering and Load Balancing.
  • Server Load Balancing
  • Quality of Service and Bandwidth Management

Stone Gate protects the network with Stone Gate Firewall and with Stone Gate IPS. Stone Gate Firewall enforces the security policy, prevents denial-of-service attacks and drops malicious http traffic. Stone Gate IPS protects internal networks, stops attacks and non-authorized traffic as well as protects unpatched servers before they are updated.


The Stone Gate Management Center delivers an innovative and holistic approach for role-based administration through a single, centralized management system. Unified management lowers the cost of everyday administration, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. The Management Center provides unified tools for:

  • Enforcement – Security Management.
  • Surveillance – Live and On-Demand Monitoring.
  • Full Control – Systems and Data Management.