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Magor  TeleCollaboration

is visual collaboration at its best

At first glance Magor TeleCollaboration might look like telepresence or traditional video conferencing. It’s not Only Magor TeleCollaboration integrates advanced collaboration with high definition video to provide the richest visual collaboration experience possible without burdening the network or increasing IT costs.

It improves the way you work, without changing how you work. What does that mean? Think natural. Think spontaneous. Think freedom.

The result? Your teams make better decisions and get more work done. And your organization benefits far beyond the cost savings in travel

Magor Visual Collaboration Work Space is software that eliminates distance, scheduling, bridges, hardware lock-in and frustration to bring you and your colleagues together into a seamless and spontaneous workspace — whether that’s at your desk, in your office, in a meeting room or anywhere you happen to be — with the people, data and tools that you need.